Xeta Creator Tool

The Xeta Reality creator tool enables creators to upload up to 20 NFTs in bulk. All NFTs can be instantly added as auctions. Simply follow the steps outlined below to create your NFT collection on Xeta. You should have at least 100 XETA to cover all associated minting and creation fees.

1. Connect Wallet and Get XETA Tokens

Click here to connect or create a new wallet on Xeta.

Click here to request a Creators Grant of 1000 XETA. Your wallet currently does not hold sufficient XETA (>100) to continue with the creation of tokens. Alternatively, purchase XETA tokens directly through an exchange or swap from BNB/ETH via bridge.

2. Create your Collection Profile

Click here to customize the name, description, links and preview image of your wallet address which represents your NFT collection.

3. Upload NFTs

Click here to upload up to 20 images as NFTs. The maximum size for each image is 200kb. If you set auction values, auctions will be automatically created for your NFTs. You can specify the auction length in days, the minimum price for a successful auction, as well as the maximum price equivalent to the "instant buy" bid.

Apply to all NFTs:

Token name

Auction (Days)

MinPrice (XETA)

MaxPrice (XETA)


4. Mint & Create Auctions

Click here to mint your collection and set up auctions, if you've specified any auction values.


Your Profile (Collection):

Output Tokens:

Output Auctions:

5. Share your Tokens, Auctions and Collection

Share your tokens, auctions, and collection profile on your socials. You might want to also look into Royalty Pools as an incentive for token buyers (to enable passive income for your NFTs) or create a Lottery Pool to promote a single NFT and raise awareness about your project. Finally, you could set up a Loot Pool, which enables you to randomly distribute your NFTs for a participation fee.



Create New XETA Wallet

Create new wallet (manage keys yourself)

You will receive a public and private key which you need to store securely.

Create new wallet (managed wallet)

Xeta Reality will manage wallet for you, transactions can be signed with this wallet.

Import Existing XETA Wallet

Self-managed wallet keys

Import wallet via private key. Choose this option if you've created a Xeta private/public key previously.

Managed wallet

Log-in using your account username and secret password. Choose this option if you have a managed wallet on Xeta.

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Select Wallet Action

Connected Wallet:

  • View Address
  • Change Wallet
  • Disconnect
  • Back-up Keys
  • New Transfer
  • New Token
  • New Pool
  • New Allowance
  • New Claim


Request Free XETA Tokens

If you have a Gmail email address, you are eligible to receive 10 XETA tokens on Mainnet, and 1000 XETA tokens on Testnet.

Connected Wallet:

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