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Xeta Reality Blockchain

Xeta Reality is a serverless Layer-1 blockchain for Metaverse, Gaming, and NFT applications. Xeta's mission is to onboard 100 million users to the Metaverse by developing intuitive applications & interfaces for mainstream adoption.

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Create New XETA Wallet

Create new wallet (manage keys yourself)

You will receive a public and private key which you need to store securely.

Import Existing XETA Wallet

Self-managed wallet keys

Import wallet via private key. Choose this option if you've created a Xeta private/public key previously.

Managed wallet

Log-in using your account username and secret password. Choose this option if you have a managed wallet on Xeta.

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Select Wallet Action

Connected Wallet:

  • View Address
  • Change Wallet
  • Disconnect
  • Back-up Keys
  • New Transfer


Request Free XETA Tokens

If you have a Gmail email address, you are eligible to receive 10 XETA tokens on Mainnet, and 1000 XETA tokens on Testnet.

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